School Stays


Irish Host Family offers European students the opportunity to study English in Ireland through a 4-9 month school term program for ages 11-18.

Students are immersed in the Irish culture through the English language while living with a hand selected host family while continuing their education in the Irish education system.

Program Includes

  • On arrival, students are given a welcome and information pack.  This information gives each student insight into the school and all contact details in case of emergency.

  • Students will participate in their own level of schooling, in a primary or secondary school while here in Ireland.

  • All books and uniforms are supplied on arrival as well as an irish phone sim card.

  • Students are given the opportunity to learn core subjects and given choice subjects which will be discussed before and on arrival.

  • Students are placed in hand selected host families and can immerse in the host family life.  Host family stay will include full board accommodation.

  • Students are given the opportunity to meet the Irish host family team and leaders on induction day and any questions are answered.

  • Students are to complete a monthly report sheet for parents outlining progress in school, life in Ireland with the family and outside activities.

  • Students are given the opportunity to have regular meetings in central locations with Irish host family staff members.

  • Irish host family also encourages and will assist students to participate in local extra curricular activities and sports.

Why Choose Irish Host Family

  • Each program caters for the individual requirements, our students are part of our big family network
  • We deliver our programs in a friendly, approachable manner creating a warm family atmosphere for students
  • Our offices are centrally located and a visit can be arranged at short notice
  • The ethos of Irish host family is to offer high quality accommodation in a caring environment


  • Our students are placed in hand selected host families which embraces the students own interests.

Program Includes

Registration Fee



Airport Transfers

Irish sim card


Student insurance package

School transport

Anna, Austria

“My time was flying by and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it actually it so much that I really didn’t want to go home.  I was kind of nervous when I left on the 9th of January, I remember sitting with my family at the airport in Austria but it wasn’t hard to say goodbye as I am an emotional person and I knew that I would see them again anyway.

I spent most of my 5 months in the wonderful old nice town of Listowel in the northern part of Kerry.  I had wonderful host parents.  I often went with my host family for walks with the dog on the beach near the famous village Ballybunion. My host mom is a perfect cook and I will miss the food..

School was different to school at home but I liked going there and in the end I started to like my school uniform.  I think it always depends on what you make of your exchange.  I saw a lot of different parts of our region and Irish people are really nice and friendly, and so you just have to start talking to them and will meet the most wonderful people in this world.

I can really recommend this organisation.”