Terms and Conditions

/Terms and Conditions

1. Each applicant must complete an Irishhostfamily.ie application form, submit four passport photographs and a non-refundable deposit. Some information or documents may be requested after booking and should be
returned to Irishhostfamily.ie promptly.

2. Applications to participate in Irishhostfamily.ie programmes are welcome from those with a sincere desire to develop understanding and friendship between people of different cultures and backgrounds and with the ability to adapt easily to daily life in another culture.

3. Irishhostfamily.ie reserves the right to refuse participation on any programme to any person(s) demonstrating discriminatory attitudes in relation to race, class, occupation, religion or colour.

4. Irishhostfamily.ie reserves the right to remove from the programme any student who consumes alcohol, breaks the law or who engages in dangerous or inappropriate behaviour which puts their own safety or the safety of others at risk.

5. Participants agree at all times to consider themselves ambassadors of their own country and will at all times behave in a way that reflects positively on their own country and the Irish people. Participants agree at all times to respect the property
of their hosts.

6. Participants agree to obey all school rules, to attend class daily and on time, in a condition to actively participate in class. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary measures imposed by the school up to and including expulsion from the programme.

7. If a participant is expelled from the programme there will be no refund of any unused fees. The participant or his/her legal guardian will be responsible for all repatriation costs.

8. Participants agree to at all times accept any house rules introduced by their hosts, especially in relation to consumption of alcohol, smoking or curfews.

9. Participants agree to contact Irish Host Family Ltd., in the event of any difficulties or problems arising.

10. Applicants should be as flexible as possible in their requirements. Consideration will be given to specific requirements but these can never be guaranteed. Allergies to specific foods cannot necessarily be specially catered to.

11.Irishhostfamily.ie does not discriminate against different types of host families, and as such participants must be prepared to live with a family who is quite different from their own. Irishhostfamily.ie accepts families with the following attributes: couples with children, single mothers with children in the house, retired couples and couples without children. Please note that in some cases there may be another student placed with the family, however he/she will not speak the same native language.

12. Applicants cannot reject host family placements and must agree to accept them without prejudice and to go into the programme with an open mind.

13. Accommodation details will, where possible, be sent at least 60 days before departure, except in the case of special requests, late applications and certain countries (please ask for details).

14. All prices are quoted in Euro. The balance of the programme fee should be paid not later than date stated on cost document. If bookings are made 8 weeks or less before departure the entire fee must accompany the booking form.

15. Irishhostfamily.ie reserves the right to cancel any programme for which full payment has not been received 30days before departure.

16. Students must return to their home country during the Christmas holidays break. Students can stay or go home during the easter holidays.

17. Irishhostfamily.ie accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss, illness or accident suffered by a participant during the programme howsoever caused.

18. The following scale of cancellation charges shall apply for this programme:
Loss of deposit – once confirmed
50% once host family placement is made
75% if less than 2 months in advance
100% for no shows
In all cases there will be a loss of deposit if the booking is cancelled after receipt of the application. Participants are strongly advised to take out ‘trip cancellation’ insurance as cancellation charges are non-negotiable.

19. No refund will be given to participants who withdraw from the programme before the finish date (this includes going home for a holiday or school break).

20. We encourage all participants travelling within the European Union to also bring a European Medical Card as well. Please note that you need to purchase additional travel insurance to cover you for delay/cancellation of flights/programme.

21. Please note that participants are responsible for their own flights and
must give their full flight details to Irishhostfamily.ie at the latest 4 weeks in advance.

22. The possibility exists of transport delays or cancellations due to weather conditions, industrial disputes or other causes; whilst Irishhostfamily.ie greatly regrets any inconvenience caused to participants, it can not be held responsible for any repercussions, financial or otherwise caused by weather conditions, war, fire, flood, strike, industrial dispute, terrorist activities, hostilities, political unrest, riot, civil commotion, inevitable accident, pandemic illness, act of God, or other circumstances amounting to force majeure.

Terms and Conditions

I declare that all of details as provided by me on this form are true and accurate to the best of my ability. I have read and understand all of the terms and conditions for participation on this programme and I agree to abide by them in full.

Signature: ______________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________

I am aware and agree the terms and conditions as outlined in this document and give my permission for my son/daughter to participate in this programme.

Signature: ______________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________________